A downloadable game for Windows

Which Jim is him? Control Jim(s) as he weaves his way through corridors of mysterious creatures who look and—ostensibly—act like he does.

21 levels!
Only 1 Jim!

Made in 7 days for the August 2019 Community Game Jam!

There's probably about 45 mins of content, depending on how quickly you can solve the puzzles. 

- WASD or Arrow Keys to MOVE
- Q to open NOTEPAD.
- Space to SELECT in Menu or INTERACT in game
- Tab to SWAP Jims.
- Hold E to KILL Jim.
- L to RESET the room.
- Esc to return to the Menu (you can continue from your current level).



Sound Design

Install instructions

Just extract all files and double-click Jimposters.exe!


Jimposters.zip 20 MB


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hi. just wanted to let you know "Jimposters" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it won an award for Hardest Game (48:32) and a mention for Best Puzzle Game (10:40)


Oh, wow! 

That's all very generous of the two of you to say. I'll be sure to let the guys know; they'll be flattered, I'm sure.

This is a great idea, too. Not just in that it's a kind thing to try to bring attention to lesser known games that you've enjoyed, but also in that it helps you to look back and appreciate all of the experiences you've had that year.

I hope you guys make this a continuing tradition. And, thanks very much!

excellent game and a well deserved 2nd place. the presentation and design were great. and the implementation of "the game is a lie" was creative and executed well. outstanding work!

Wow, really impressive guys. I managed to make it to room 12. Though, I wasn't sure what the jim counter in the bottom left does; is it how many times you can have it wrong? Perhaps you can add saving of progress (doesn't save when you quit the game).

That's correct; it's a lives counter. It only decreases if you take an evil Jim through the exit door.

I'm thinking I'll just add a Level Select to the main menu so that anyone can leave, come back, and play from whichever level they'd like!

Now, that you are at the top, and people will be looking into your game more...

Can you please make a Mac build:)

For you, my friend, I'll try!